Thursday, May 14, 2009

"I've got poo on my hands!!!!"

This is a direct quote from my son.  Immediately you start grossing out, right?  Well, you are wrong!  haha!  I was giving him a bath, and I sudsed his hair up, he rubbed his head and saw that he had shampoo on his hands.  Thus, the quote.  I cracked up, of course, so now he keeps saying it over and over.  My boy, the comedian!

I believe that I shall regale you with tales from the dentist.  Oh, what a ROOKIE mom mistake I made.  I should have known.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself....

Tuesday, Kinsey had a dentist appointment.  She did NOT sleep well the night before, so I should have known that it was going to be a disaster, but I didn't acknowledge my instinct.  Instead, we soldier on and go to see the big guy.  

They call her in and she gets in the chair, picks out her toothbrush and lets them take x-rays.  Piece o' cake!  Meanwhile, Ben and I are standing outside the area so that we don't get zapped with the x-rays and I hear a child screaming bloody murder.  I chuckle with the receptionist.."Oh!  haha!!  I am so glad that Kinsey doesn't do that any more!  That must be hard for you to listen to, huh?"  Uh.  Oh.

Fast forward ONE minute.  Who is screaming bloody murder now?  Oh.  That would be my child.  Rookie mistake!  NEVER say that your child isn't going to do something, because they ALWAYS DO IT!  She did not want the panoramic x-ray.  I mean, she REALLY didn't want it.  Fine.  Then she refused to let the dentist touch her, so we don't know if she has loose teeth or anything.  What we do know is that she has 4 cavities, thanks to the initial x-rays.  But, this dentist office will likely be losing our business, since they want to sedate her to fill her fillings and turn one into a root canal.  Excessive?? I think so!  Second opinion?  Definitely!

So, looooong story short--watch what you say about your kid, make sure that they are rested, and don't let dentists rob you blind.

The end.

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