Sunday, March 15, 2009

Real quick....

I forgot to mention Ben.  There are 2 items of note....

1.  He has exchanged his stapler for a can opener (the squeeze and turn kind, not the sharp eye-gouger-outer kind).  Doug hates that.  He thinks that a kid shouldn't play with a can opener.  I am not sure if I agree.  I am going to toss him in his crib with his can opener and a can of peas.  I bet he will figure it out!  (Is that unsafe??)

2.  This is why I don't give Doug's opinion on safety too much weight...
Friday he took the kids outside to help change our flag from the good ole stars and stripes to the more patriotic Cubs blue!  :)  While he was out there, he saw our neighbor outside so he goes to chat.  While they are chatting, Ben takes off running, trips and slams down face first onto the driveway.  So, he is currently rocking a big bruise and multiple scrapes on the center of his forehead.  I bet a can opener would do less damage than that!!!

A nice weekend--it is over yet???

So, we took advantage of our babysitting co-op to have a date on Friday night.  It was very nice to get out together and we went to see Slumdog Millionaire.  Excellent movie!  Pretty heavy stuff for a date night, but excellent.  Go see it!

Saturday was my turn to babysit.  Not too bad--the kids went to bed at 7:00!  How can I get some kids like that?  I got to hang out in someone else's house and watch tv until almost 11.  This babysitting thing is a racket!  I can't believe that we paid $10 an hour for that!  This co-op is the best thing ever!

I suppose I should update you on my personal training extravaganza!  I had my 4th session on Friday and it was all about CORE.  (you know, abs and stuff!)  So, I worked hard and today and I still feeling the burn!  I hate doing it when I am there, but it is so awesome!  This was the best birthday present ever!  And, next Friday is my 5th and final session, but I talked Doug into letting me get 5 more.  (All it took was for me to give him permission to go on a golf trip--grrrrrrrr!!!)

So, you know my girl, Kinsey?  She decided to change her name to Sara.  Why?  I have NO idea.  She just informed me that her name has changed and I should address her as Sara from here on out.   I suppose I can do that, but I refuse.  I named her Kinsey, dammit!  Don't mess with it!  (But, I think that it is funny nonetheless!)

So, we have been struggling with Kinsey (i mean Sara) having accidents.  I am not sure what is going on, but she has them randomly.  I have been trying all sorts of different tactics to get her to stop, but my latest is the one that I am sticking with...
A few days ago I was playing with her on the floor.  When she got up, I noticed that she had had an accident while we were playing.  I took her into the bathroom to deal with her, and she said, "Mommy, are you mad?"  I said, "I'm not mad, Kinsey--i mean Sara--I am just sad."  So, that was it.  I dropped it and went into the laundry room to throw her stuff in the washer.

A few minutes later she comes in and hands me a folded up note.  Then, she turns and walks away.  I open the note, and there is a big heart on one side and the other side says, "I AM SRE FR HAV ENG AKSDT IN DER  SARA LOVES MOMMY"  (Translation:  I am sorry for having an accident in there.  Sara loves Mommy."

Is that the smartest kid on earth, or what?  I am going to save that note forever!  Let's see if the accidents stop.  I am sure that I will end up with an entire drawer full of notes by the time she is a teenager!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"what dis about??"

Hello all!  I am back from a brief hiatus.  Let's chat, shall we??

So, my angelic little boy is cracking me up these days.  (I am being sarcastic when I say angelic.  He has been possessed by the 2-year old monster!!!)  He likes to hold things up, and asks, "What dis about?"  I will say, "FORK!"  or  "WHISK!"  or "PUT THAT DOWN, IT'S A KNIFE!!!"  He repeats what I say and then moves on to the next thing.  It's adorable, yet dangerous!  ;)

His other new hobby is attempting to stop my heart with his daredevil antics.  He likes to stand on a chair (or coffee table, or couch, or bed, etc etc) hold his arms out straight, and say, "To infineeee and awon!!!"  (translation---to infinity and beyond!  Thanks Buzz Lightyear!)  then he LEAPS off of the surface he has chosen.  Like a belly flop.  Onto the floor.  I don't know if he thinks that I am going to catch him, but you would think that after face-planting multiple times he would get it.  sigh.  I don't think that I am going to survive this boy!

On to my girl.  Oh Kinsey.  she is getting attitude to spare!  Her new thing is saying "NEVER!!!"  (Picture that girl from the Exorcist spewing pea soup and screaming "NEVER!!!"  That would be a close impersonation!)  I ask her if she wants to talk on the phone--NEVER!!!  Take a bath?  NEVER!!!  Eat dinner?  NEVER!!!  Go to bed?  NEVER!!!

Fun times are being had in the Kaczmarek household!  NEVER!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been a while!

I haven't written a bunch lately because there is stuff going on that I can't talk about!  Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to keep my mouth shut!  It's impossible!  So, I have to vent to my mom.  If you want to know anything, you have to ask her!

Perhaps I should regale you with tales of my children.  They are a safe topic and friggin' hilarious!  Let me begin with my little man.  Big Bad Ben has discovered the funny noises that his body makes.  And, since he is the king of poop, his body makes PLENTY of noises!  I guess he had a bad case of gas this weekend, because he was tootin' up a storm.  Once I said, "Ben!  Did you just poop?"  He said, "I no poot Mommy, I toot!"  haha!!!  So, now he toots, says "Scu me!" and bursts into hysterical laughter.  That's my boy!

Kinsey, Kinsey, Kinsey.  She went to a University of Colorado basketball game with Doug today and had fun.  Except for the fact that she slept through most of it!  Who can sleep through a basketball game with all of it's horn blowing and cheering, but she can't sleep when it is windy outside?  Huh?   

But, she was super cute this weekend and she and Ben have become quite affectionate.  It is the cutest thing ever!  He will go up to her and give her a hug and say, "I luh you, T-E!"  (That's how he says her name.)  And, at random times she will kiss him on the head and say, "I love you, Ben!"  Then, she comes up to me and say, "Mommy, I sure do love that little guy!"  Awwww!  So, why is it that five minutes later he leaps onto her back and scratches her and she tells me to throw him out of the window??  Sibling love.  Precious!