Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"what dis about??"

Hello all!  I am back from a brief hiatus.  Let's chat, shall we??

So, my angelic little boy is cracking me up these days.  (I am being sarcastic when I say angelic.  He has been possessed by the 2-year old monster!!!)  He likes to hold things up, and asks, "What dis about?"  I will say, "FORK!"  or  "WHISK!"  or "PUT THAT DOWN, IT'S A KNIFE!!!"  He repeats what I say and then moves on to the next thing.  It's adorable, yet dangerous!  ;)

His other new hobby is attempting to stop my heart with his daredevil antics.  He likes to stand on a chair (or coffee table, or couch, or bed, etc etc) hold his arms out straight, and say, "To infineeee and awon!!!"  (translation---to infinity and beyond!  Thanks Buzz Lightyear!)  then he LEAPS off of the surface he has chosen.  Like a belly flop.  Onto the floor.  I don't know if he thinks that I am going to catch him, but you would think that after face-planting multiple times he would get it.  sigh.  I don't think that I am going to survive this boy!

On to my girl.  Oh Kinsey.  she is getting attitude to spare!  Her new thing is saying "NEVER!!!"  (Picture that girl from the Exorcist spewing pea soup and screaming "NEVER!!!"  That would be a close impersonation!)  I ask her if she wants to talk on the phone--NEVER!!!  Take a bath?  NEVER!!!  Eat dinner?  NEVER!!!  Go to bed?  NEVER!!!

Fun times are being had in the Kaczmarek household!  NEVER!!!

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