Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eddie is here--the summer can officially begin!

So far this summer has sucked.  The weather has been horrific!  What is up with daily tornados?  Thanks, but I thought that I LEFT Illinois!  Sheesh!  But, hopefully the weather will make a turn for the better, because I am missing out on some MAJOR pool time!  But, the best part about the storms is Ben's new fancy vocabulary--"MOMMY!! MOMMY!! I see FUNDER!! It's WOUD!!"  (Translation:  "I see thunder!  It's loud!")  So, I say, "do you see thunder or hear it?"  "I SEE FUNDER!!!!"  

I gotta tell ya, his speech imperfections are the cutest thing EVER!  I crack up whenever he cries, because he will be sobbing and then turn to me and say, "Mommy, I cwying!!"  And, his new favorite breakfast is "TOAST!!!  Wiff JEWWY!!!"  (I refuse to translate--figure it out!)

Kinsey's newest obsession is our neighbor, Megan.  She is 6 and she likes to come over and jump on the trampoline.  But, tonight when I was putting Kinsey to bed, she said, "Mom, Megan is too bossy.  I am tired of doing what she says.  When I go outside tomorrow I am going to say NO!  You can't come over!"  We shall see how that plays out.  Megan will probably put a hit out on her!!!

So, Eddie is here!  He is my 13 year old step-son.  He lives in Indiana and he stays with us for a month each summer.  So far, he is Ben's IDOL!  Eddie has acquired a cute little shadow!  But, now that he is here, I feel like the summer can begin.  We are happy to have him here and I hope that he has a good time.  But, really, how can he not?  You just don't get much more fun than our house!  :)

PS--we had drama regarding a SNAKE in our BASEMENT!! I have chosen not to expound on this topic due to the fact that it will make me heave.  But, the good news is that it was caught and released in a field FAR from my house today.  WHEW!!

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