Friday, August 6, 2010

Cross your fingers and cross 'em good!

So, here's the skinny....we are leaving tomorrow morning, bright and early, to go to DISNEYLAND! Woohoo, right? Well, today, of all days, Ben decided to get sick. He has been complaining of a headache and not eating much all day. Poor little guy! He has been perfectly fine all summer, not even a hint of a runny nose and BAM! Nastiness. So, he is currently snoozing in bed, but when I wake him up at 5:30 in the morning, I hope that I find a healthy, excited little boy. I would be so disappointed if he wasn't able to fully enjoy this trip. He's going to love it!

So, speaking of Ben, I got his registration information for preschool today. SAD! I can't believe that my baby is old enough to go to school! He starts on his 4th birthday--September 7. So, he is going to immediately be the coolest dude in the class when he shows up with treats! Unfortunately, due to allergies, the treats must be store bought, so I guess my super-elaborate, multi-layered fondant cake will not ever come to fruition. sigh. (The teacher actually said that the treats have to be store bought due to allergies, so they must come with a list of ingredients. She said, "Pretzels are good, or rice krispie treats." Seriously? Pretzels? For MY boy's birthday? PSHAW!!! He will be totin' something with sugar as the #1 ingredient on that precious ingredient list, thankyouverymuch!)

I will end with a little commentary on my girl. She is growing up WAY too fast! She has lost her two front teeth, so her lisp is even more pronounced, but she is definitely not a little girl any more. Her best buddy du jour is Caden. Caden, for some reason, watched the commercial for the Eclipse movie and has convinced Kinsey that he is a werewolf. He loves to wear jeans and no shirt and climb trees and run fast. All under the watchful eye of my girl. Yesterday at the park, he was climbing a tree and she said, "Mommy! Caden ith tho thtrong!" (Translation: Caden is so strong!") She is smitten. Until the next werewolf comes along and sweeps her off of her feet, that is!

See you in a few days! Pray that my boy is healthy and we return unscathed and happy!!!

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