Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So much! TOO MUCH!

Oh where do I begin? I bet you are interested in finding out how Disneyland was, huh? Well, I was right on one point...Ben was SICK! Poor guy. He tried really hard to be a tough guy, but he totally conked out. Our first day was spent at the beach with our friends the Laysons, and he curled up on my lap and slept for two hours. Kinsey and her BFF Kaia wasted no time plunging into the ocean, building "hot tubs" (aka big holes in the sand that got filled when then tide came in) and playing frisbee. My girl is such a beach girl. I can see her living out her college days at some California school, studying at the beach and surfing on the weekends. I shall live vicariously through her!

Our first day at Disney was really fun, but, again, Ben was sick and conked in the stroller. He did man up a bit to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Finding Nemo ride. He did a few things, but preferred to crash. Kinsey and Kaia went hogwild and did it all. I loved watching them! I hope we can go back in a few years and experience it all again.

The second day at Disney started with a hotel-room-doctor-call. I had no idea that the hotel would have a doctor service, but fortunately they did. Ben's diagnosis? Croup and tonsilitis. He had no voice, could barely breathe and coughed like a seal. Poor buddy. The doctor gave him a shot of steriods that woke him up and allowed him to enjoy the day...which he did--thoroughly! Whew! It was really funny, because when he could finally talk, he sounded like Demi Moore (or a little boy with a 2-pack-a-day habit!). So, by the time we finally ventured back to Colorado, Ben was on the mend and the rest of the crew was on the way down.....

We pulled into our driveway at midnight and Doug RAN out of the car, RAN into the house, RAN into the bathroom and blew chunks. Lovely. So, 2 out of four were sick. Then, the next day, Doug is recuperating, Ben is smoking a pack, and Kinsey starts coughing and complaining of a headache. Ugh. DOUBLE UGH! But, as of press time, everybody is A-OK and rarin' to go!

Good thing we are rarin' because tomorrow is the first day of SCHOOL!! I survived the summer! Yahoo! I did it! Go Momma, Go Momma!! Kinsey is currently sleeping like a little angel and she is SO excited. Her first grade class consists of 17 kids--15 of which are returning from kindergarten, so she is going to run into class with no looking back. I am excited to get back into some sort of routine, so that we can harness the chaos that has become our life. The only thing that is stressing me out right now is actually getting her there on time. I was going to "practice" getting up early yesterday and today, but I let her sleep and she got up at NINE o'clock!! School starts at 8:15, so I am seeing a logistical problem here. Her alarm is set for 6:55, so I am sure that she will be nothing but smiles and laughter at that time, right? HAR HAR HAR! I will let you know how that goes. But, her outfit, school supplies, backpack and water bottle are all set out and ready. I can't wait!

I am off to go to sleep...school makes me get up early, too!! And, Doug needs to get to work earlier to support Ben's new smoking habit. :)

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