Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is IN session!

Ok, we've officially made it through one week of first grade, and so far so good. Kinsey is a star pupil and loves to go to school. I am so happy that she loves it, because otherwise we would NEVER get her out of bed. I have a hard enough time as it is. On the first morning of school, I went in to wake her up at 6:55 with a cheerful, "Kinsey! Aren't you so excited? SCHOOL starts today!!" And, I was promptly met with, "MOOOOOM!! I. AM. TIRED!!!! I. WILL. GET. UP. LAAAAAAAAATER!!!" I am thinking about investing in a DNA test that can tell me her exact age, because this can NOT be the typical behavior of a six year old. I am thinking that she is at least 13!

But, once we get the whole getting-out-bed thing figured out, we are golden. Today was the first day that I actually dropped her off. Meaning, I drove up to the school and she opened the door and ran inside, pausing to turn around and wave at me. *tear* I have walked her into school every day since she started kindergarten, but I thought that we should give this a try. While it gets me home faster, I am sad. She needs to stop growing up, dammit!

Ben doesn't start preschool for 2 more weeks, so I am enjoying my time with my little man. He is also growing way too fast and I don't like it. But, today was the first day that he decided to have an opinion on what he was going to wear. His shirt of choice? The slightly too small Mickey Mouse t-shirt that he wore yesterday. That would be, the slightly too small Mickey Mouse t-shirt that had spaghetti sauce stains on the front that he wore YESTERDAY! He pulled it out of the dirty laundry and put it on in lieu of a super cute, brand new shirt that I was about to dress him in. And, what is he wearing right now, in bed? That slightly too small Mickey Mouse t-shirt that has spaghetti sauce stains on it and now sand and dirt smeared on it that he wore YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! I don't care if I have to put him in a figure-four leg-lock tomorrow to wrest it from his body, but that thing is going in the washing machine. Ick! How DARE he have an opinion!!!!

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