Saturday, April 9, 2011

A weird time to resume the blog, but it's bugging me...

Hello to all of my loyal fans out there! (And by that, I mean Karen Tarvin!!!) I know I have been MIA for a LOOOOOONG time, but I have once again been lulled back. I have something on my mind, so I wanted to spill it. Actually, it's not only on MY mind, but on the minds of hundreds of people in central Illinois, and all over the country.

Let me give you a little history...
I have a wonderful friend named Anne. She rocks. Seriously. She's hilarious and kind and a great mom. We have been friends forever it seems. I knew when she gave birth to three of her children and I knew when she adopted the fourth. (And, I told her she was nuts each time the number grew greater than two!) The birth of her third child, Meg, was the first time I ever saw Anne struggle with anything. Meg was born with Down's Syndrome. And, it was a total shocker, since Anne opted against prenatal testing. But, once the shock wore off and the love kicked in, Anne has been a changed person. Literally. She quit her job at a university in order to devote her time and energy to Easter Seals. Her whole world became caring about children who needed someone to care about them. She fights for them. She yells and argues and drives all over the state for them. She would do anything for them. Her first two children, Noah and Caleb, are the same way. They love everybody. They don't see differences and they are the kindest children ever. This is one of the reasons why I have already claimed Noah as my future son-in-law. And, I WILL make that happen! :)

Anyway, life with Meg changed the family so much that they realized that their family was no longer complete. They wanted to help another child. So, they pulled together resources and filed all of the appropriate paperwork and flew to the Ukraine to adopt their fourth child, another child with Down's, Alina. Alina lived in an orphanage. At this orphanage, like all of the other orphanages in the Ukraine, they do not see value in a child with a disability. They are shocked that stupid Americans want to come and take these children. Their lives are basically worthless. Anne and her husband, Todd, could not let that happen to at least one child. This child deserved a chance and they did everything in their power to give her that chance. I always say that Alina is such a lucky girl, and she truly is. Hopefully some day she will be able to grasp the concept that she was born with one destiny and my friend changed her life and her destiny. She is going to grow up in a house FILLED with love and laughter. She is going to grow up in a house that loves her for EXACTLY who she is and what she can do. She will never be judged in that house. She will never be made to feel that she is anything less than a little girl with a bright future. She is lucky.

But, three nights ago, evil entered their lives. These people, who devoted their lives to loving everyone as they are had their world flipped upside down. Here is the article:

I am disgusted. I am appalled that someone would have the nerve to walk onto this property and deface their home. I am enraged at the language that was used. I am horrified that Noah and Caleb saw some of the words. I am devastated for my friends. I feel helpless that my friends are feeling so vulnerable and I can't help. I am outraged that people use that language, specifically the "R" word, and think that it is OK. I am terrified that Todd and Anne may not going to catch these animals. I am embarrassed to live in a society where people even think of such evil.

My friends are gold. They have been tarnished by this act of cowardice. But, I know that, in time, they will shine again. I just wish that they didn't have to have their light dimmed at all. It's not fair. It's not fair.


  1. Thank you Lori for writing about this. Your friend is an inspiration. I have no doubt that she and her family will use this darkness to create light. I can already see some light shining. The unthinking and unkind people who wrote those things did hurt that family, but at the same time they have brought this sweet and amazing family to the knowledge of others. That is a blessing and a light. Hugs to you Lori, you are a great friend.

  2. Wonderful, Lori. Thanks for this post. All of us who love Anne are just devastated. This helps.