Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding and other hoopla!

I must begin with a little conversation about the royal wedding that transpired this week. Ordinarily, I don't give a rat's [bleep] about the royals, but I was entirely SUCKED IN! First of all, my English friend, Clare, had a viewing party. And the mere fact that not only did I get up, get dressed and to her house by 3:00 in the morning, I learned something new about myself.....I will attend any and everything that I am invited to. The middle of the night? A party? I'm in!!!

I will say that the wedding was beautiful. I loved every minute of it. There were thirteen of us wearing fancy hats and eating fancy sandwiches and mainlining coffee...brilliant! I do declare! (Wait a minute, is that an English phrase or a Southern phrase? Whatever.)

So, needless to say, I am fully on board with the royal baby bump watch. Wouldn't it be awesome if they filmed a reality show?? "English Shore...The Royals" Stay tuned and see Prince Harry flash the Queen!! Watch as Kate fumbles her curtsy and face plants into the royal scepter!" I would so watch that!

Onto other news....I have this little girl who lives in my house. Her age is unknown. While I was obviously present during her birth, I refuse to believe that she emerged from the womb at zero years old. Perhaps in the ten days she lingered past her due date, she grew emotionally a year per day. Which would land her about in the 17 year old range. Here is the latest story from her...

She has a friend named Jordan. Heretofore to be referred to as "BFF". I put Kinsey to bed one night and she was acting sullen. I asked her to spill the beans and she said, "My BFF sucker punched me in the stomach today at school. How could she do such a thing? You don't sucker punch your BFF!!" I calmly explained that no, you do not sucker punch your BFF, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, her BFF owed her an apology. But, if her BFF was going to be mean to her, there were lots of girls to play with at school and she could find someone else to play with. Kinsey took this information in and seemed to feel better. As I was hugging her good night, she said, "Thank you mommy, for making me a better woman."

What. The. Hell?!?!?! A seven year old girl does not say that!! She doesn't even think that! What am I going to do with this child? At least she continues to give me fodder for my blog!!! Hilarious!

One last thing...I am SUPER psyched that we booked a trip for Yaya and Papa to come out to visit! They haven't been able to come since Thanksgiving because my dad is dealing with colon cancer (BOOOOOOOOO!!!! HISSSSSSSSSSSS!). But, he is doing amazingly well and has a super attitude and a rock-star caretaker. So, one week from today we are going to head to the airport to pick them up! I am so excited! They haven't seen our cool basement or anything! Plus, they will get to attend Kinsey's school program and watch Ben's soccer game. I love it when things come together!

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