Monday, April 11, 2011

Changing the subject....

Ok, my last post of was a major downer. The whole thought of someone messing with my friends really riles me up. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hollis family at all times.

But.....changing the subject here. I have had a request to update everyone about my lovely little children. And, they are lovely indeed!!! Here is the update:

She is wrapping up first grade and Little Miss Sassypants. She continues to be the apple of her Yaya's eye, but she doesn't have ME fooled! That little stinker can be sweet as pie and then BAM! Switch flipped, drama all over the place! She is having a wonderful first grade year, perfectly behaved in class, reading like a whiz and getting all A's. But, the second she gets in the car after school, her head spins around three times and she spews pea soup all over my car! "MOMMMMMM! CAN!! I!! HAVE!! A!! PLAYDATE?!?!?! NO???!?!??! IT'S!!! NOT!! FAAAAAAAAAAIR!!!!! BEN!!!! STOP!! LOOKING!!! AT!!! MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"
Ugh. Double ugh.

But, during her good moments, I convinced her that since she is tall and gorgeous and sassy, she needs to become a badass. Hence, martial arts has entered her life. She is currently a white belt with a gazillion orange stripes and one black stripe. What do the stripes represent, you ask? Well, she gets one orange stripe for each class that she attends and participates in fully. Pays attention, gives full effort, etc etc etc. The black stripes are earned by fulfilling responsibility sheets. These sheets are completed by ME and the stripe is not earned unless I say so. In order to get a black stripe, she has to make her bed, talk with respect, clean up her crap, behave in school, treat teachers and friends with respect and that sort of thing. One black stripe = four weeks of that behavior. My friends, mark my words, her white belt will be covered five times with orange stripes before she gets another black stripe. Simply talking to me with respect will be the end of her! Will she ever get it?? Stay tuned!

But, regardless, she is still hilarious and adorable, which is why we keep her around! Check out this crazy kid:

Now, on to Ben. Mr. "I don't do anything wrong, do I Mommy?" He's about as cute as they come, but one of these days, he's going to be more than I can handle. Just today he climbed up on top of the play house in the back yard and I swear I thought he was going to plummet to his doom. But, he just hopped down and said, "Mommy? Are you ok?" Whew. This boy thing is going to stop my heart!

But, he's doing well in preschool, but get this: he gets in trouble EVERY. DAY. He's the class clown. The one who spins around and falls down and tries to get a laugh. He's HIS MOTHER! Holla! What a lucky kid!

His new thing is soccer and it's adorable. He has practice once a week and games every Saturday. It's seriously the cutest thing ever. He has no clue what is going on. He runs one way, sees everyone running the other way, turns around, turns around, falls down, runs and runs and runs. I love it! I hope that he loves it, as well, because I would totally love watching my kid's games for years! After he masters soccer this year, I believe we are going to give t-ball a whirl. Doesn't this kid look like he's having fun?

One of the best things about soccer is that Ben is on the team with his best bud, Ethan. And, Kinsey's best buds, Ryan and Robert just happen to be Ethan's brothers. So, the three of them can keep each other occupied during the games. How cute is this:

They have certainly come a long way since the beginning of their friendship, 4 years ago....

So, enough rambling. I assure you, all subsequent blog entries will be HIGHlarious, now that you are caught up on the goings on in the Kaczmarek homestead. And, I will leave you with my favorite faces:

And, this subject is slightly less willing to smile for the camera....

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