Sunday, September 20, 2009

The BEST (and WORST) weekend EVER!!!

Sheesh, I don't know where to begin....
Let's start with Friday. It was the best day ever! Kinsey had the day off of school, so I got a sitter for Ben and we had a girl's day! This is the best part of having a daughter. We went and got pedicures and did a little shopping. How fun is that? I need to take a picture of her toes, but she chose a different color for each one and they painted a flower on her big toenail. Adorable!

After that, we picked up Ben and then dropped Kinsey off with Doug for a little daddy-daughter time. She got to hang out at his office for a while and then they went to lunch and out to hit golf balls. What a cool day!

Next up...Saturday! This was the BEST day ever! (And the beginning of the worst, but I'll get to that.) We got up super early to drive to Golden, CO and see THOMAS THE TRAIN!!!!! Woo woo!! We got to ride on Thomas and spend the day running around looking at Thomas stuff and climbing on real trains and having a friggin' blast! This lovely day was a gift for Ben for his birthday for none other than our Yaya and Papa! Thanks Yaya and Papa!

What could possibly be the bad part, you might be wondering?? Well. I was sick. SICK! I woke up feeling off and the day went downhill. (And NO I am not pregnant, so don't even go there!) I will say this and I will never talk about it again...
Your life has reached a low point when you have to wait in line to go puke in a port-a-potty. I have seen things, people. Scary things. I have been to dark places. I can't talk about it.

Moving along....
So, Saturday was definitely the highlight of the weekend. But I did something cool today (Sunday). Even though I hadn't eaten anything but a banana since Friday night, I got up at 5:20 this morning and drove to dinner with Chrissy and Angie to run a 5 mile race! Sheesh! I have never run more than 3 miles in my life, so I am very proud of myself for finishing. My goal was to beat an hour and my time ended up being 52 minutes (ish), so I am proud of that. Imagine what I could have done if I had had some fuel? I could have won! (har har har!!)

Anyway, this was the best weekend! Now I am at home, feeling better, and gearing up to watch the Emmy's. What are they going to be wearing? What color is in? Out? I've gotta know!!!!!

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