Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kindergarten is HARD!!!

Sheesh! What has happened to my life? Tonight, Kinsey and I had to do 2 homework projects AND I had to sign a permission slip for her to go on a field trip on Friday. How the heck did I become the person who signs permission slips? I feel like it was just last week when MY mom was signing mine! Yikes! I'm turning into an adult and I'm not even paying attention!!!!!

But, I have big news!! My girl, Kinsey, is the SUPERSTAR student in her class! yay! This is a very big deal, people. Only one kid gets chosen each week and they have to display respect and good behavior along with other fabulous traits in order to earn it. I am very proud of my peanut for getting it. The reward for being the superstar consists of the following: 1. you get to bring home Leo the Lion (a stuffed animal that has to be carted around all weekend and his activities have to be documented) 2. 2 coloring pages and a puzzle that have to be completed 3. a specific book that must be read to the damn lion each night. (and it is NOT short) 4. 2 LONG sheets that have to be filled out with details of Kinsey's life, including pictures 5. a free kid's meal at Texas Roadhouse.

Hmmm, which one of these things is not like the other? Seems like the free meal should be for ME for doing all of the extra crap that being the superstar entails!! But, whatever, it was worth it. She was very proud of herself, so PROPS to Kinsey! You are a superstar!

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