Monday, September 7, 2009

He's Officially Three!!!

The party was a smashing success today. We reserved the party room at the rec center for an hour, ate a bunch of crap and then went swimming! Ben had a wonderful day and if I never see another piece of cake in my life, I will be all right with it!

He was super cute from the moment he woke up. Once he saw the balloons in the kitchen and the presents on the table, he got it! He looked at me and said, "Mommy? Is it my happy birthday?" YES!!! You are three! Hooray!

So, now that he is three we are presented with 2 challenges: 1. he needs to become potty trained and 2. he needs to move into his big boy bed. Both of those challenges make me say UGH! I bet that you assumed he had been in his big boy bed for a while, since I posted pictures of it MONTHS ago, right? WRONG!!! He slept in it for 2 nights and then asked to go back to his crib. I was totally ok with that! If you want to sleep in a cage instead of stretching out in Lightning McQueen luxury, then by all means, have at it! I can definitely wait until the day comes when a little boy is staring at me from the side of the bed at 3 in the morning!

And potty training? I obviously suck at that. Poor Kinsey has been struggling with it forever, so here I go, messing up another kid! My tactic with Ben was to do NOTHING. So far, it's working great! He pees and poops in his diaper and doesn't give a rat's ass if he has to sit in a pile all day long. Lovely. One of these days, he is going to get it, right? I mean, RIGHT? At least I am getting him to be a little more comfortable being naked. My plan is to have some naked time at home and hope that I can pick him up and RUN to the bathroom before he hoses down my kitchen!

On that note, let me leave you with a picture or two (or three!) of the birthday boy. He has survived his first three years, but will I survive the next??? Stay tuned!!!