Friday, January 29, 2010

she's still sick...and slowly losing my mind!

So, today marks day #4 of Kinsey being "sick". When I picked her up from school on Tuesday, the teacher said that she hadn't felt well all day, but didn't want to go home. Kept her home on Wednesday. Sent her on Thursday, only to have the office call me an hour later to come get her. Kept her home today. The problem is that I don't think that she is really all that sick. Am I being snowed here? I can't tell! She is super congested, and has a bad cough, but it doesn't stop her from terrorizing her brother AND her mother!

On top of that, Doug is in Indiana visiting Eddie, so I am here all. by. myself. To deal with the craziness. I could be going a little nuts, but I need to get away! ARRRRGGH! I've had it with snot!


So, get this....I told Ben that we are NOT wearing diapers tomorrow. How do you think that is going to work? He has a rash on his butt from pooping in the middle of the night and then wearing it until morning. (sorry, is that too much information?) Anyway, I thought that it might feel better if he was bare booty, so we are going for it tomorrow. He hates wearing underwear. Even the super cool boxer briefs that I got him, so he will be going commando. I wish someone would make pants out of a sponge! (or socks for that matter, that's wear the pee usually collects!)

So, cross your fingers, pray, send good vibes or whatever you do for the following two things:
1. That Ben will eventually "get it" and decide that peeing in his pants is not the best option
2. That Ben does not poop whilst going commando

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