Thursday, February 4, 2010

Basketball we come!!

Here I am, as promised, with details and pictures from Ben's first sporting venture. And can I say, HE ROCKS! He loved it! I am bursting with pride! This was his first "real" class and he did great. It is more of a class and less of a basketball game, so they are teaching the kids about dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.

The only problem that Ben seems to have is the whole "standing in line" thing. I am guessing that, since he isn't in preschool, he doesn't have a good grasp of that whole concept. So, they keep telling him to go to the end of the line and he runs all the way to the other side of the gym! But, if that is his only problem, I will take it! (well, that and the fact that he is going to be the only professional basketball player to wear diapers!)

Check out the skills of my boy...

Needless to say, his Daddy is bursting with pride. We shall see how week #2 goes. You never know with my kids!

I shall wrap up today's entry with Ben's Quote O' the Day:
Ben: "Mommy, do you see the booger on my finger?"
Me: "Yes, Ben. Let's wipe that off!"
Ben: "No! Watch me EAT IT!!!!"


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