Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am SO over this illness nonsense.

Seriously. Does it ever end? Today, the day of the 100 Day Party, I took Ben to the doctor. Poor guy is hacking up a lung and I wanted to make sure that all of his insides were still attached. Fortunately, his lungs, ears, etc look good, so I just have to watch him and make sure that it doesn't evolve into something nastier. Here is my little sick boy in his favorite Krabby Patty shirt. (And if you don't know what a Krabby Patty is, you are a lame-o!)

After I got home from the doctor, I made him lunch and then Kinsey's school called saying she wasn't feeling well and could I go get her. Annoying! I get there and she is fine. A little pale, a lot pathetic, but fine. I think that she played her "I'm sick" card one too many times. Tomorrow, I told her that I am going to tell her teachers that I am not coming to get her, so let's pray that nothing really bad happens! Oh, and I should add that she turned into a pony tail girl! She loves having her hair in a ponytail, but hates having her picture taken. So, I took a couple when she got home from school yesterday, so it's a mess and she is NOT happy!

But, back to the 100 Day Party...let me run down the checklist of things that we had to create for today:
1. A t-shirt with 100 things attached to it:
2. A 10x10 poster board with 100 things attached to it.
3. A bag with 100 things in it that they can count
4. A snack consisting of 10 pieces of 10 different food items.

Sheesh! Is that a little overkill? They can friggin' count to 100 for Pete's sake! I get it!

But, she looked adorable in her shirt and of course would not let me take her picture. So, jsut think about her in this shirt (that she designed!):

Cute, right?

So, the party is over. the illness is still present and I am hanging on by a thread. I am thinking about calling in sick tomorrow. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA! As if!

Stay tuned for tomorrow--even though Ben is hacking up his innards, he is going to start his basketball class! I will be armed with my camera and a juice box!

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