Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now what?

The olympics are over. Sad. SAD!! Now what am I supposed to do with my dreary, dreary life?

Oh, hey! I got an idea? I'm going to Vegas, baby! Woo-hoo! I've got a couple of friends who need a fourth chick and they called me and said, "Um, Lori? Do you want to go? I mean, if not, it's ok, but we, um, need another person, but if you are busy, it's totally understanda...." "YES!!!!!!!"

See ya suckers! After 16 days of Olympic filled chaos, I am blowing off this popstand and rolling into sin city. What shall I do while I am there, you wonder? Well, numero uno on my agenda is take a nap! Numero Dos? Eh. Read a book? A magazine? Catch up on world events? I mean, what else is there to do????

So, enough of that. Let me fill you in on the last few days....
We moved Ben into his big boy bed! While I was extremely sad about this turn of events, he has done very well. He stays in there for bedtime and naps, even when he isn't sleeping. I hope that this remains the case for a while, but my expectations are very low.

My parents went on a CRUISE! This qualifies as news because they have not been on a "real" vacation since Kinsey was born. And, they have never been on an all-inclusive, and from what I have heard, my dad might need to break out the elastic waist pants! Ice Cream + All you can Eat = Trouble!

I had a Pampered Chef party and successfully cleaned my entire house. So well that my husband thinks that it is time for me to ditch my cleaning lady. When will I ever learn??

I signed up for a 10k on Mother's Day. That's in 2 months. That's 6 miles. (6.2 to be exact). I ran 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and I thought that my lungs were going to shoot out of my throat. Should be a fun race, eh?

One more....
Tonight was a very telling night. I had a total "flash-forward" moment and I didn't like it one bit! Picture this, my daugher, wearing pajamas and a super messy ponytail, standing with her feet apart, hands on hips, saying, "MOM!!! YOU. ARE. OVER. REACTING!!!!!!" Oh dear. What on earth have I gotten myself into?

I shall leave you with a couple of pictures. Please note my boy and his blue hair. He found Kinsey's super cool hair paint and decided that he wanted blue hair. It was the cutest thing ever. He went to church like that (my mothers of preschoolers class thingy) and then we brought Doug lunch. Ben marched right up to the president of the company and said, "HEY! Gook at my hay-uh! It's BYOOOOOO!" (translation: HEY! Look at my hair! It's blue!)

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