Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 5k was not to be!

Whew!  Thanks to a blizzard, my 5k was pushed back to next Saturday.  Now I have another week to get ready.  I should probably start by running, but instead I have focused my energy on putting together a rockin' playlist to listen to while I run.  Also, I have a cute outfit to wear.  What could possibly be more important than that?  Physical fitness?  I think not!

But, even though I am less than excited about the race, I am super excited to spend the night at Chrissy's and hang out with her in Ft. Collins.  A night away!  wheeeeeee!  I know that Chrissy and all of the other girls are going to beat me in the race, but I have a goal---to finish without walking.  Can I do it?  We shall see!!  (oh, and the blizzard?  It turned out to be a crap-load of rain!  We needed the rain, though.  I am hoping to see some green grass soon!)

On to a different topic....
Kinsey has become Little Miss Sassy Mouth!  She has been spending several afternoons on the naughty step because she is so sassy.  He is an example, Kinsey:  "Mom?  PUT SPONGEBOB ON RIGHT NOW!!!"  Me:  "um, no."  Kinsey:  "DO IT!"  Me:  "On the naughty step!!!"

Kinsey:  "Mom?  Can I have some lemonade?"
Me:  "Sure, just a second."
Me:  "On the naughty step!!!"

Ack!  Is she 5 or 15?  I can't handle it!

Hopefully her 'tude doesn't rub off on Ben.  Right now he is sweet and precious....until he wants a snack.  And then all hell breaks loose..."I WANT MARSHOWWWWWWS!!!"  

Again, let me reiterate, I can NOT wait for a night off with Chrissy!  If I can picture these 2 crumbgrabbers chasing me, I will probably end up with an excellent time!!!

Wish me luck!

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