Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ben and his kitchen utensils...

So, last night I wasn't home because I was babysitting and racking up points so that DOug and I can have a hot date for our anniversary!!  Doug was in charge last night and when I got home, he told me this story...

"Ben and Kinsey were in the toy room watching a movie and I was in the family room watching the basketball game.  All of a sudden, Ben comes RUNNING out of the toy room into the kitchen.  He opens the utensil drawer and rummages around in it a bit.  Then, he comes RUNNING into the family room.  He holds up one thing and says, 'Daddy!  What's this?'  I said, 'A ladle!"  Ben repeats, "A ladle!  What's this?"  I say, "An egg beater!"  He repeats, "An egg beater!  Thanks, Daddy!"  Then he RUNS back into the toy room with his new treasures."

Weird kid.

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  1. Chef Ben? Someone's gotta learn to cook besides YaYa!