Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009!

The Easter bunny has come and gone and left a trail of hyped up kids and Easter basket grass all over my house!!  Apparently, Ben LOVES chocolate and once he has some, will NOT be sated with anything less.  Bananas?  Grapes?  Cheese?  Oh no!  Chock-it and only chock-it will do.  This boy was in rare form today.  I hope that he wakes up tomorrow ready to check back in to the world of fruits and non-sugar filled foods, but we all know that ain't gonna happen.  Poor boy.  Gonna have to have false baby teeth due to his addiction.

Kinsey was AWESOME this year.  The perfect age for Easter festivities.  She woke up with a "EEEEEK!!!!  THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!!"  and kept it up all day.  Adorable!  This is what easter excitement looks like:

The easter bunny brought her a fishbowl.  So, we journeyed out to get our very first pet.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of our newest addition, but let me tell you about him.  He is a beautiful purple betta fish.  Even though Kinsey is well aware that she chose a male fish, she decided to adorn his bowl with pink and purple glass rocks, a big pink flower, and she named him Barbie.  This kid is hilarious!!  

So, Barbie....I am so sorry that you are going to live a confused existence.  Sadly, your life will probably be short, but you should know that you have made a little girl very happy.  We are equally happy for Petco's 15 day guarantee on your life!  Someday I will be sure to tell Barbie I, Barbie II, and Barbie III about how you paved the way for their cushy lifestyles!

I shall leave you know with some pictures of my family looking fancy!

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