Saturday, April 4, 2009

So, I survived!

Duh.  Of course I would survive!  I'm the mom!

But, today is a different story.  It is snowing like mad, cold, windy and crappy out there.  I am trying  to round up the kids to go to Starbucks, but it's not going well!  Don't they understand that I have NEEDS????  sigh.

These little kids were hilarious last night.  Somehow, Ben discovered that it is super fun to jump in the air and land on his sister.  Fortunately, she laughed, but soon I am sure that we will have either a) a broken bone or b) a little boy with a black eye!

Speaking of black eyes, I should start a pool to see who gets the first one and when.  Why would I do this?  Well, someone decided to show Ben how to make a fist.  Not only does he make a fist, but he figured out how to throw a whopper of a punch.  You have to be on your toes when you are close to him.  You never know when a roundhouse right might be headed for your face!

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