Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walking with Ben...

It is SO nice outside!  Beautiful!!  So, I have been spending the bulk of my days hanging out with neighbors and playing with the kids outside.  One of the things that I love to do with Ben is go for a walk.  We walk around our block and he tells me all of the letters and numbers that he sees.  It's very cute.  Until.........we had this conversation...

We approach a round man-hole cover looking thing on the sidewalk and I looked at it and it said "Storm Sewer."  Ben lays down on the sidewalk and traces the letters with his finger.

Ben:  "S-T-O-R-M"
Me:  That's right!  That spells storm!
Ben:  That not spell storm!  That spell BEN!!
Me:  hahahaha!
Ben:  "S-E-W-E-R"
Me:  Right!  That spells sewer!
Ben:  That not spell sewer!  That spell MOMMY!!

Only two years old and he already thinks that his mom is full of crap!  :)

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