Monday, January 26, 2009


ok, so I took the weekend off--sue me!  :)  

We actually had a lovely weekend, even though we didn't have any plans.  We instituted Family Movie Night on Saturday night, so hopefully that becomes a weekly thing.  This week's movie?  Horton Hears a Who!  Very cute, and the kids loved it.  We made a giant floor bed in the living room and we all snuggled in and ate popcorn on the floor!  I wonder what movie we will see this week....

Aside from all of that fun, the weather turned COLD.  I hate being cold!  As if that wasn't enough, our furnace went out on Sunday.  Since we have a separate furnace for the upstairs and downstairs, we decided to stick it out until Monday (today) before we had someone come out.  Well, that someone is here and he just informed me that we need a whole new furnace.  Great.  I wonder how much that is going to cost.  GRRR!!  I am mad!

Maybe I will have better news tomorrow.  I am off to go put on another layer!

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