Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kinsey cracks me up!!!

I start laughing when I think about this story, so I thought that it might amuse someone else!!

So, on Monday Kinsey and I were waiting for the furnace guy to show up.  Someone knocked on the door and we assumed that's who it was, so we ran to the door.   Kinsey flung open the door to find not the furnace guy, but a guy from a local dairy trying to sign us up for home delivery.  (This is mildly irritating, since we already get milk delivered from a different dairy and he was standing next to the other dairy's cooler as he began his spiel.)  

Anyway, he was giving me the details on their pricing, yadda yadda yadda, and then he asked Kinsey if she liked chocolate milk.  She was like, "Um, duh dude!"  So, he tells her to get a glass and he will give her some to try.  So, he trots off to his truck and she runs to get a cup.  He comes back, and pours her a cup full of super-chocolatey milk. 

She takes a HUGE swig and swipes her mouth with her hand.  He says, "Well, miss?  Do you like it?"  Her response?  "!!!!!"  hahaha!!!  I burst into hysterical laughter and I turned to the milk man expecting him to be doubled over at my hilarious child.  But, instead, he barely laughed at the funniest thing ever!

And that, sir, is why we will NOT be using your dairy.  I want happy milk!  ;)

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