Friday, January 16, 2009

So, what did I do???

I went to the class.  Of course I did!!  I have become a glutton for punishment and I will not rest until I have rock-hard abs!  GRRRRR!!

But, once class started, I realized that perhaps, this was not the class for me.  I am used to taking a hard-core boot camp class, so I am not really familiar with the other classes that the rec enter has to offer.  This one--not so hard-core!  But, while I was trying to eek out a good workout, I compiled this short list....

How can I tell that i am in the wrong fitness class???

1.  You are the youngest person in the class.
2.  The "mature" ladies in the back are discussing online dating, and say "I don't really get the whole internet thing".
3.  The instructor grunts and moans and groans throughout the workout.
4.  At the end, you REALLY don't mean to look, but you can't help but notice that the instructor has wet herself.

So, in summary--Butts and Guts?  Pass.

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