Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My fingers are frozen!

So, yes, it is still cold in my house.  We are taking bids on a new furnace, but with each one we get the price is going down.  So, eventually we will be able to say YES!  If we don't have a furnace by the weekend, I'm taking the kids and hittin' the road!  Anyone need a visitor?  We don't make much of a mess!  hahaha!!!

Even though I am cold, I am all a-twitter about date night tomorrow night!!!  I finally got a babysitter (who is going to have to sit in a fuh-reezing cold house! heh heh heh!!) and Doug and I are hitting the town!!  And by hitting the town, I mean going to the local crappy movie theater and sneaking in our own gummy bears and Pepsi!  That's how we roll!!  But, we haven't seen a movie in FOREVER, so I am open to suggestions!  The babysitter is only here from 6:30-10, so I am guessing that we will grab quick dinner and see a movie.  Wheeeee!  Who knew that a cheap date could be so exciting!

One more thing--I have a confession.  Tonight I have book club.  I love book club.  I love all of the ladies who are in my book club.  I love hanging out with them, having a glass of wine and a good meal and chatting.  Once in a while, we even talk about books!  But, my confession?  I didn't read the book this time.  What are the chances that they are actually going to talk about this SPECIFIC book?  I've got lots to say about lots of other books!  Pick one!  Stephen King?  I'm on it!  Twilight?  Loved it!  Jodie Picoult?  Love her--which one do you want to talk about?  But, Bel Canto by Ann Patchett?  I have NO idea!   Sorry!

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