Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 days down, 1 to go.

So, I am on the last leg of this single mommy weekend.  Doug comes home tomorrow evening.  I am sure that he will want to arrive to a big meal and clean house.  But, the poor man rarely gets what he wants!  He will come home to 2 dirty children and a messy house, but at least everyone will be happy to see him!  

Kinsey and Ben are starting their "wrestling" phase.  (Is that even a phase?)  The good part about it is that they wrestle for a solid hour and then CRASH into bed!  The bad part?  Someone always ends up in tears and eventually will probably end up in the emergency room.  But, I'm willing to take that risk for an early bed time!  Is that bad?

The only thing on my mind tonight is whether I want to take my monkeys to the zoo tomorrow.  Taking them to the zoo.  Alone.  With everyone on earth who doesn't have school tomorrow.  OR, they could wrestle themselves into a frenzy!  what to do, what to do??

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