Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is the sickness gone?

So, after spending a weekend up to my elbows in vomit and poo,  Doug woke up with the hurls yesterday.  I gotta tell, it ain't pretty!  I am praying that it decides to give me a pass, because I don't think that I can handle the nastiness.  Today was a poo-free and puke-free day, so let's hope it stays that way!  Fingers crossed!!

Today was GORGEOUS yet again.  I took the kids to the park to get the sick/stink off of them, and I think that it worked!  They were both smelling like flowers when they went to bed.  (That could have been the bath, but I am going to give the fresh, mountain air the credit!)

Here's Kinsey's latest venture....she decided to run a restaurant!  We were playing last night and she created a menu for "Holly Natural's Restaurant".  (Of course, she spelled it "HLE  NASHRL", but what can I say?  She's brilliant!!!!)  If I must recommend something, I would have to go with the Steak Dogs and Cherry Soup.  Delish!  ;)

A Ben update....his new word is "WHAAAAAT??"  Imagine this said in a super high-pitch tone.  It is frickin' hilarious!  Tonight, I tried to put on a movie for him and when it started, he said, "WHAAAAAT?  A moo-eeee?  WHAAAT???  Ma?  Ma?  Ma--eeeee!!!  Mo' pockorn peeeeeese!!"  My boy loves his popcorn!!  (Oh, did you not get that from his dialogue?  haha!!")

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