Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ONE comment? really?

All right you losers!  If I badmouth you from henceforth, consider it your own fault!  I will NOT say anything about Bre because she obviously follows direction.  Thanks, Bre!

So, my little girl is sick--yet again.  She went  to the doctor today where she proceeded to flip OUT.  Apparantly she is traumatized from the stranglehold/forced strep test that she endured a couple of weeks ago.  Whoops!  My bad!

But, she survived the visit and came out with a fresh new prescription to knock this strep out of the park.  I hope that she feels better tomorrow because it is so sad to see her feeling lousy.  Poor thing.

I had to babysit tonight as part of my babysitting co-op.  I sat for 3 hours, and in return, someone will sit for me on Thursday night for 3 hours.  Brilliant!  But, the boys that I sat for, while being nice and fairly well-behaved, live in a house with no TV!  What?  I had no idea that my babysitting co-op encompassed houses in the third world!  How do they live??  I was actually forced to TALK to these boys and READ to them and LISTEN when they talked to me.  What kind of crap is that?  Here is one conversation that we had (mind you, the boy is 4)

Me:  When is your birthday?
Boy:  June 19
Me:  Cool!  A summer birthday!
Boy:  Actually, it's the Spring.
Me:  Smartass!

(Ok, maybe I embellished that last bit!)

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  1. LOL I try! You're welcome! And, yeah, no TV?? Talking/listening/enteracting with the kids?? WHAT is this world coming to?? ;)