Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, how was your Superbowl?  Did you enjoy the game?  How were the commercials?  Did you eat some good food?  Have a drink or two?

Well, whoopdee frickin' do!  

Oh, how was MY Superbowl?  Thanks for asking!  It was eh.  Did you get that?  Eh!  So, I got up and went to the gym.  Followed by the grocery store and Target.  Once I got home, I threw some meat in the crock pot and fed the kids.  After lunch, the kids got a bath and Doug took Kinsey out to run errands (including a haircut--she was gettin' shaggy!)

After that, the day went EXACTLY as I had expected--Doug watched the game, and I threw food at all of the people in my house periodically.  (I know that you are jealous of my culinary skillz!)

So, I heard that it was a good game, but I have no idea.  I do hope that you enjoyed it.  I fully intend to enjoy the Superbowl of 2020.  But, who knows???

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