Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am so shocked to say this, but Doug REALLY came though this weekend!  Holy moly!  He threw me a surprise party on Friday night and it seriously surprised the you-know-what out me!  Seriously!  So, here's how it went down...

He had planned a few weeks ago to take me out on Friday night for my birthday.  I was excited, but I thought that we would go out for dinner and that would be that.  But, was I wrong!  The babysitter arrived, and we left for an unknown destination.  He went to a local Italian restaurant that I like and said that we were going to go there for appetizers before we moved on to the next stop.  I thought that was pretty creative, so I was down with it!

We walked in the door to the restaurant and I said, "Hey, let's just find a table in the bar."  He agreed and I walked down the hallway to the bar and turned left...


I couldn't believe it!  Seriously!  sitting at this long table were most of my friends, including on of my best friends and her husband who flew in from Chicago!  I couldn't believe it!  Later he told me that I literally jumped back from the shock!  Here's the list of attendees:
1.  Chrissy
2.  Karrie and John
3.  Mayce
4.  Nina
5.  Sarah
6.  Jenny
7.  Shoshanna and Rob
8.  Suzanne and Steve
9.  Karen and Brian
10.  Carolyn and Jeff

(I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!)
Plus, there were MORE people who were invited, but couldn't attend.  How on earth did I get so lucky to have all of these awesome friends?  Especially Chrissy.  She is seriously the best friend a person could EVER want. EVER!!  I am so lucky to have her in my life!  (excuse me while I go get a tissue!)  She decorated the table, provided the goody bags, and drew a hilarious and not-at-all accurate picture of me for a VERY innapropriate game that I won't go into here.  (But, do I have a story for you someday!!)

Thank you to everyone who came and who wanted to come and who didn't want to come but likes me anyway!  I am very blessed and awed by the wonderful people in my life.  

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